2 General Types of Inputs That Must be Checked in Course of Mobile Testing

In course of any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing one must check all the supported ways of inputting information. Today it is possible to input data in various ways, in particular, in mobile devices.

Usually we input data in a personal computer through a keyboard or a mouse. Unlike desktop devices, mobile phones and tablets have touch screens and various sensors. They enable users to interact with mobile software products in many ways and complicate mobile testing.


In General, Way of Inputting in a Mobile Device Can be Divided Into 2 Types:

1. Inputs by Means of the Touch Screen

They include inputs with the help of fingers, a stylus or special gloves. Each manual testing of a mobile application involves checking this type of inputs, as users most of all interact with mobile software through the touch screen. Testers should be careful and try not to perform accidental touches or pressing, as such actions distort the tests results.

2. Off Screen Inputs

The inputs include gesturing, moving of the device, voice control of the software and so on. These kinds of inputting make interacting with a program interesting, convenient and amusing. But testers should be very careful checking them, as even slightest accidental gesture or move may be taken as input.

A software testing company recommends combining different ways of data inputting. Serious and unexpected errors can be found in this way.