2 Frequent Causes of Intermittent Errors in Mobile Software

Mobile application testing requires specific approaches more often than desktop testing or web site testing. Modern mobile devices are equipped with a lot of divers sensors, mobile applications are influenced by various factors what is uncharacteristic of desktop software products.

Different conditions of the surrounding and manner of interaction impact on mobile software product. Sensibility of smartphones and tablets to physical influences makes interaction with mobile software interesting and convenient, but complicates mobile application testing.

A software testing company can confirm that the most sophisticated intermittent software bugs happen during mobile testing.


Among Common Roots of Unreproducible Errors on Mobile Programs Are:

  1. Peculiarities of wireless connection.
  2. Different physical influences of the surrounding.

Appearance of the most complex unreproducible defects involves several factors. There are times when a mobile program works fine in the lab, and the software bug occurs only in the field. Experts in mobile testing recommend to study carefully environment conditions in which the intermittent error happens and to try to reproduce the error under similar conditions.

The proper physical influence on the device is very important in such situations. This is one of distinctions between desktop testing and mobile application testing. Personal computers and desktop application are not perceptive to conditions of the surrounding.