2 Aspects of Effective Mobile Testing, Desktop Testing and Web Site Testing

At present everything changes and moves ahead very fast. Time became one of crucial factors for most of activities.

Time is of utmost importance for software development and, consequently, time limitations for web site testing, desktop testing and, in particular, for mobile application testing can be very tight.

That is why testers should be able to effectively use time allocated on manual or automated testing. This task may be quite difficult, as modern software products are big, complex and multifunctional. A great number of possible scenarios can be in such an application. Plenty of time may be required on thorough checking all of them.


A professional software testing company claims that a tester must be able to allocate the allowed time. He or she must spend it as effectively as possible. One must check the most significant areas, functions and user scenarios, regardless of how much time is given on mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing: an hour, a day, a week and so on.

The Next 2 Aspects Help to Significantly Enhance Testing Efforts:

  • Proper planning. One should always spend some time on thinking over what and how should be tested.
  • Adjustability. Nowadays technology is rapidly advancing, some circumstances may change. If something changes in the project, test plan should be adjusted. In other case testing activities may become inefficient.