2 Approaches to Testing From Perspective of Modern Programming Techniques

Making a software product popular among the user requires a lot of efforts from the producers, programmers and specialists in web site testing, desktop testing, mobile testing.

A widely used application possesses all the necessary functions, is easy and convenient in use, understandable and often released before the similar products appear at the market.

That means that software developers and testers must work fast and fruitful. A lot of programming methods have been elaborated for this purpose.

Known Programming Techniques Comprise:

  • waterfall model;
  • iterative and incremental development;
  • prototyping;
  • spiral model;
  • rapid application development;
  • agile programming;
  • extreme programming, etc.

Software testing is applied differently during different methods of software construction.

In General, There Are 2 Main Approaches to Software Testing:

  1. Test-last development. This approach is applied during traditional programming practices.
  2. Test-first development. This approach is characteristic to agile software development techniques, in particular to test-driven development.

Nowadays automated testing is widely utilized by software engineers and testers. It allows to verify the system functionality and perform unit testing fast and thoroughly.

Experience has proven that programmers should carefully choose software development methods for a project. Sometimes it is wise to experiment with them and create the unique approach. One should also carefully select the tools and make sure that the application is testable.