2 Approaches to Setting of Testing Goals

It is not so easy to determine testing objectives. In most cases they are not given to testers together with the task.

Developers and other project members want testers to test the software product. It appears that a software testing company has to decide on what aspects and features of the application to focus.

Determining of testing goals is one of the most significant parts of testing strategy, as incorrectly set objectives make the whole mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing inefficient or useless.


A professional software testing company usually examines the project and its specificity before setting goals. After careful researches the test goals are discussed with other project parties and set upon their approval.

There are Two Widely Utilized Approaches to Determining Test Objectives:

  1. Offensive approach. It is applied when the program under test is in being constructed. According to this approach manual and automated testing is focused on searching errors in the application under test.
  2. Defensive approach. In this case testing efforts are aimed on determining if the tested system does what is declared in its description and whether it satisfies the requirements. This approach is utilized when the tested application is already created and it is necessary to make sure that it is user friendly and efficient.