10 Pieces of Advice for a Future Tester

Several pieces of advice might be handy for people, who want to build a successful testing career.

Take a look at top ten, following which one can get hired by a software testing company, despite being a fresher in this field. 


10 Guidelines to a Testing Career:

  1. Attend courses in software testing. Try to get an idea of what mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing is.
  2. Pay more attention to practical tasks to develop your testing skills and abilities.
  3. Get some freelance testing experience if possible.
  4. Participate in testing beta software online.
  5. Take time to customize your resume properly. Compile a convincing cover letter. This will increase the chances of getting a job.
  6. Don’t forget to list obtained testing certificates in the resume. They may prove your proficiency in automated testing, manual testing, semiautomated testing.
  7. Modify your resume when applying to different vacancies. Try to highlight professional skills and strong points as required.
  8. Don’t neglect your previous professional experience. It might be helpful in the future career.
  9. Prepare a clear answer to the question “Why do you want to be engaged in software testing?”
  10. Find important information about the software testing company you would like to work at. Look into career opportunities and available openings.