VooDoo Me - a voodoo doll simulator

The application is presented as a simulator of a voodoo doll that can be modified by substituting a doll's face with a person's photo. After creating a doll, a user can start torturing it by throwing virtual needles at it. The moment the needle pierces a doll, it makes a loud and funny scream. Before a user starts taking revenge on their "worst enemy", they can choose one of 16 characters to create their doll.

We started by thoroughly studying the system under test, developed test plan and defined test cases for manual testing. It was very important to specify the minimum number of tests that verified the various actions during manual testing.

Our QA team also carried out Acceptance testing to verify if the product was developed according to the standards and specified criteria and meets all the requirements specified by the client.

Another testing goal was to perform User Interface testing to check the application's UI and to identify whether every interface element functions properly.