National Cuisines: the Game for iOS and Android

Multiplayer game for children over 5 years old and adults. It is developed for Android and iOS platforms.

The player has to travel all over 7 countries, learning the secrets of Asian, Slavic, Arabic and other cuisines. The really existing cities are the prototypes of colorful locations.

Developer of the software contacted QATestLab company to perform manual functional testing of the game at final stage of software development. Our team confirmed that software testing would be performed within the planned time limits.

Testing engineers performed functional and installation testing on different devices with Android OS in order to confirm that the software can be used by all users of smartphones and tablets.

Installation testing was performed on devices with different architectures and screen resolutions. During functional testing stability, logic errors and correct walkthrough of the game were checked.

Team of testers checked and confirmed the correct functionality of the game, its corresponding to the standards of software development and to functional requirements.