WEB100.Platform Automated Functional Tests

WEB100.Platform - platform for B2B (business-to-business) system solutions between company and its clients.

The main application services of WEB100.Platform:

  • e-catalogue of products;
  • on-line order of products, goods shipment and delivery process tracking;
  • financial and technical documentation exchange, specific system of dealer network reporting;
  • knowledge level testing system for partnering companies' staff, multilevel system of inspections in partner network.

The layer of portal web-services allows integrating the company data from partner's Information Systems.

WEB100.Platform provides a flexible role model of rights separation from side of the company and from the side of companies - partners that provides isolated levels of access to data.

WEB100.Platform can be used for interaction processes automation - producer-distributors, distributor - dealers, dealer - companies.

Challenges: The main objective of the project testing was automated tests coverage of more than 90% functionality.

It increased the flexibility of time and resources, helped to reduce time on test execution, increased test coverage, quality and reliability of the software.

Running these tests against the modified code made it possible to identify whether the changes broke anything that had worked before the change.