Why to pay for independent testing, when I have an in-house development team?

12 December 2017

Consider software testing a waste? Hear about software "butterfly effect"? Even the smallest change in the initial conditions may cause irreversible changes in the whole system. Are you sure that your development team is able to write an error-free code from the first time? Are you ready to release a product without testing at all?

QA stage is not a thing you can reduce expenses on. Freelance tester definitely do not have all devices and tools necessary for proper testing. Verifying conducted by developers can be resultative. But what if a specialist has today a bad morning?

Nissan with their airbag systems, Starbucks and Facebook with their temporary breakdown would execute double and ten-times checking of their software if they had known what to expect further. Do you think they do not have QA team?

Listen to Anastasiia Piatak, QATestLab Program Manager, to get answers to 5 why’s to hire an independent testing team instead of do-it-yourself or simply how not to cry over spilt milk.