Automation Frameworks: build or buy?

23 April 2018

In rapidly changing and developing software market, test automation enables fast evaluation and delivery of products. To achieve benefits from test automation, you are able to either use a ready framework or develop your own one.

Despite providing independence from any framework, development of own tool requires much time, resources, and team with good coding skills. At the same time, a wide range of available automation frameworks complicates the choice of one suitable directly for your project. Besides, a framework fee can be rather high. So, is it better to build or buy test automation framework?

Watch the webinar conducted by Ivanna Kyryk, Automated and technical testing Program Manager at QATestLab, and Duncan Brigginshaw, Co-Founder and Technical Director at Odin Technology Ltd, to learn how to benefit from test automation even in case of non-technical team or limited project budget.