Test Automation & Manual Testing: combine to succeed

29 October 2020



Test automation is the top choice to accelerate the checking process, bugs detection, and, thus, project release. To ensure truly smooth-running processes, high quality, and time-efficient product development, you need an invincible weapon - a combination of manual testing and test automation.

On 27th of October on our webinar, Artem Kostriukov, Marketing and Business Development Manager from Test IT, and Alexey Borzykin, QA Automation Engineer from QATestLab discussed how test automation particularly, and in conjunction with manual testing can optimize your business: speed up the testing process, bring user contentment and revenue.

Watch the recording of the webinar and find out:

  • What projects require test automation?
  • What benefits test automation can bring to your project and how can it optimize your business?
  • What test automation tools to use in 2020?
  • When test automation cannot substitute manual testing?
  •  Why to combine test automation and manual testing?