Software development project: will just one testing type suffice?

21 February 2018

There are more than one hundred types of testing, and usually one has only one software project with determined timeframes and allocated budget. How many testing types are enough to make sure a product meets the required quality standards? What testing types are critical for software quality? And what ones to omit without compromising on quality?

Attend our webinar to learn what testing types are critical for a viable product and how to ensure an optimal testing.

QATestLab Program Manager Liudmyla Potyomkina has prepared a well-grounded explanation on testing types that are critical for a viable software product. You will learn how to select an optimal number and types of testing basing on software types, available budget, and project schedule.

Wyn H Devonald, Global Operations Director & Founder at Buitech, will show the importance of particular testing types on the realized software testing project. Besides, you’ll learn that not only bug detection guarantees successful product launch, but advice on usability aspects are of importance, while they ensure a positive user experience.