11 September 2020



The webinar ‘Security Testing: How to Test for Injection and Broken Authentication From the OWASP Top Ten Security Risks’ was held on September 9, 2020, and hosted by the top security experts, Milcho Hekimov (CTO, Quality House / Certified Ethical Hacker) and Yuriy Bahno (Security Testing Tech Lead, QATestLab).

During the webinar, the speakers discussed and demonstrated how testing for the SQL Injection and Broken Authentication flaws from the widely known OWASP Top Ten is critical to maintaining cybersecurity. Security-specific testing tools and techniques were highlighted, as well as best practices for attack prevention. 

The core aspects of the webinar involved:

  • Why stealing online identities is easier than you might think
  • What SQL Injection and Broken Authentication are, and what attack vectors they involve
  • How to perform security testing with special tools
  • Cybersecurity best practices to protect your data

The full recording of the webinar is free to all QA professionals and everyone willing to deepen their knowledge in the security testing domain.

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