Lifehacks for startup: how set up QA process

16 April 2019

If startups are so awesome, why then most of them fail? The greatest obstacle is a financial challenge. But we won’t talk about the ways to attract investors and get funding - we are not too good at this. As we are QA company, we’ll show how to set up QA processes to optimize your project budget.

Watch the joint webinar to hear about practical cases on the arrangement of in-house QA team and engagement of third-party QA provider. Our special guest Gev Balyan, CEO & Founder, Ucraft - one of the world top online website builders -  will share own experience of overcoming management and growth challenges in startup.

Also, at the webinar you will:

  • look through the QA lifecycle in Ucraft
  • hear about “anger management” in startup
  • get a blueprint on setting up a QA process in startup
  • know when to form own in-house QA team
  • learn the challenges startups come across during growth

Watch the webinar that doesn’t make your QA worse :)