Independent Testing: New Business Opportunities in IT

21 March 2019

Developing IT business and sales call for constant research for innovative business models and new opportunities. Do you want to challenge your expertise by representing IT services at the booming market and to monetize your networking expertise in the IT industry? If so, then independent QA market is right for you.

The market of independent software testing is growing twice as fast in comparison to other IT outsourcing services. The growth prospects for the global independent QA service market lay foundation for CAGR of more than 19% until the end of 2021*.

To know more about sales at QA market and to grow professionally in IT service sales, watch the where you will:

  • get a brief review of independent QA market and its trends
  • listen to business opportunities in selling QA services
  • learn about the challenges of QA sales and ways to overcome them
  • receive a guide with clear steps on how to start QA sales
  • listen to success stories of QATestLab sales representatives

*Global Pure Play Software Testing Services Market 2017 - 2021