Game testing or how to be in players’ shoes

2 March 2018

A game tester is not a person who plays games all the day and gets money for that. In the game industry, QA is the way to ensure a proper quality of gameplay and to avoid bugs that affect playing experience. Game testing can be a real challenge, especially in case of test automation. Be it mobile, online or computer game, testing is an inevitable part of game development.

Is it better to implement testing during development or when a game is ready? Will crowd testing suffice to guarantee a high quality? Will verification by community or beta testing be effective? Or are only professional testers able to ensure a high quality of the game? How to guarantee a detailed testing without inhouse QA team?

Watch the webinar conducted by Anastasiia Piatak, QATestLab Program Manager, and learn how to ensure a high quality of your game.