Debugging The Testing Process: How To Prevent Failures

25 November 2020


Both QA newbies and experienced specialists may face certain challenges during product testing. On the 24th of November, on our webinar titled Debugging the Testing Process, we tried to reveal 13 such challenges and share our best practices on how to resolve them. Our hosts were:

Anatoliy Kolesnikov - Program Operations Manager at QATestLab with 5+ years of experience in software testing

Ivaylo Borisov - Senior QA engineer at QualityHouse with 8 years of experience in software testing

Failures in the test process discussed during the webinar:

  • Problem 1: Skipping the planning phase
  • Problem 2: Null domain knowledge
  • Problem 3: Glossary misunderstanding
  • Problem 4: Precision testing (Kill the assumptions)
  • Problem 5: No-weight documentation
  • Problem 6: Dead static
  • Problem 7: Not working with Risk
  • Problem 8: Skipping the Implementation phase and “Time for execution” metric
  • Problem 9: Automania
  • Problem 10: Knowledge transfer system not in place
  • Problem 11: Regression – waste of time?
  • Problem 12: Compliance testing – why is it important
  • Problem 13: UX – to be or not to be

Here is the full record of the webinar you can watch now.

We hope this webinar will help everyone curious about software testing to approach testing processes more intelligently.