Automated testing - an investment in the future or a hype project

28 November 2019

Imagine that you came to the idea of ​​scaling up your business, started planning, smoothly and confidently came to the stages of development and release and here ....the launch is delayed because of a critical bug appeared from nowhere or a banal human factor. The scenario isn't inspiring, right?

Testing, as such, is designed to prevent such a scenario. And one of the most effective means is to make the test coverage as complete as possible. Let's see where is the line between NEED and MUST in using automated testing.

Is a must if your aim is:

  • to speed up the release verification process;
  • avoid the negative human factor;
  • launch your application within the strict timeframes;
  • reuse the test cases and constantly control the quality of your product.

Is there a formula for effective implementation of test automation at the project?

On November 28, our specialists tried to give an answer to this question and talked about auto-tests from the point of business efficiency.

Questions discussed on the webinar:

  • trend vs expediency of automation
  • where automation is useful?
  • when to start?
  • where automation is useless?