What Is XAMPP?

Nowadays people permanently use web products of various kinds for the diverse purposes. An organized system work, data security, simple interface, and interesting design ensure the product’s awareness on the market.

Thereafter, both web system testing and mobile application testing also became very widespread. The specialists of software testing company execute a set of tests for the ensurance of the correct application working. For example, system testing, module checking, performance testing, compatibility checking, cross-browser testing, and so on.

Also, the specialists are well familiar with the web system development tools. One of such systems is XAMPP.  This is a rather complex and multifunctional tool which implicates several components. Thus, its name.


What aoes XAMPP mean?

X - the cross-browser tool which may be launched on Windows, Linux, OS Mac, and etc.
A - Apache - the web server software.
M - MySQL - the database type.
P - PHP - scripting language.
P - Perl - scripts’ language too.

Exactly the first letters of its components form the name of the whole system. XAMPP is utilized for the several purposes among which are:

  • mobilization of the installation process of all required systems,
  • representation of the control panel for the management process simplification of MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, and others.

The point is, for the PHP usage, one should firstly install directly PHP, then Apache, and maybe even MySQL. And the Apache installation and configuration procedure is rather complicated. And XAMPP involves all these components as ready-to-work.