Why Perform Orientation Tour During Mobile Testing?

It is very important to check if a software product operates properly both in portrait and landscape views during mobile testing.

In order to change view of an application it is necessary to rotate the mobile device. One cannot change orientations on personal computers, so orientation related issues are not considered during web site testing or desktop testing.

Utilizing orientation tour is very helpful when performing mobile application testing. This approach enables testers to check many issues that could be overlooked otherwise.

There Are 2 Ways of Executing Orientation Tour:

  1. To test one screen of the software product in portrait mode and then in landscape mode or vice versa. Then to do the same with other screens of the software.
  2. To test all the screens of the application in one mode and then in the other.


Executing Orientation Tour One Can Find Such Defects:

  • software product may seem better in one orientation than in the other;
  • software product may be more user friendly in one mode than in the other;
  • communication applications, text editors and other programs assuming much typing should support landscape orientation; they may not support it;
  • some parts and functions of the software product may support both orientations while other may support only one of them.

A software testing company  recommends its testers to pay attention to the software functioning in both modes as it is important for the software usability. So, it is wise to perform orientation tour during mobile testing.