Why May a Software Testing Company Reject an Applicant?

Sometimes one cannot get a job in a software testing company for a long time, despite attending dozens of interviews.

In this case, there is definitely a problem with something and a person should try to fix it to get employed.


10 Reasons Why One Can’t Crack an Interview for the Position of a Tester:

  • the resume lacks necessary information and doesn’t attract attention;
  • the applicant doesn’t have a strong desire to get noticed by a software testing company;
  • professional skills and educational background do not match the requirements of the positions available;
  • one cannot give a direct answer to the question “ Why do you want to work in the field of software testing?”;
  • the person appears for an interview unprepared and doesn’t know anything about the company, its specialization and its staff;
  • the candidate gives untruthful information about work experience in manual or automated testing;
  • one thinks that testing is a piece of cake and anyone can do this job;
  • the applicant has zero experience in mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing;
  • the person’s answers are shallow and insufficient;
  • the applicant is a specialist of a completely different field and knows little about IT.