Why is it Recommended to Test Mobile Software Under Different Weather Conditions?

Modern mobile devices as well as mobile software products are meant for work anywhere, in various environments. The devices are equipped with many sensors enabling them to adjust to any conditions of the surrounding and always remain user friendly and efficient.

Mobile applications must properly utilize advantages of mobile devices, how they cope with it is checked during mobile application testing.

Mobile software products are sensitive to various influences because of using many sensors and constant adjusting to surrounding. They are often utilized outside. That is why a software testing company recommends to perform mobile testing under different weather conditions.


When the weather is bad requirements to usability increase as under cold rain or snow no one wants to wait until a program loads or performs necessary action. So, it is reasonable to perform usability testing under poor weather conditions. It is also a good practice to execute performance testing and load testing under mentioned conditions.

It Is Advisable to Test a Mobile Application:

  • under low temperatures;
  • under high temperatures;
  • when it rains or snows;
  • under different light conditions.

In winter, when it is cold, people wear gloves. Testers should check if it is possible to interact with the software in gloves, or a user has to take them off.