Why is it not Recommended to Hard Code Data Values?

There are many ways of creating automated testing programs for mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. One can buy off-the-shelf programs or write the scripts manually, or with the help of some instruments. A capture/playback tool is often used for such purposes.

Regardless of the way of creating test scripts a software testing company recommends not to hard code data values. If they have been hard corded by a tool it is better to modify the program. Data values must be changed on variables.

It is wise to store data values in external sources. They may be utilized by various testing programs of the same or different projects.

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The Common Sources to Keep Data Values for Test Scripts Are:

  • databases;
  • files;
  • spreadsheets.

When external sources of keeping information are created it is necessary to add to the testing programs variables definitions and locations of the needed information sources.

The Most Important Reasons to Keep Data Values Separately Are:

  • the scripts are reusable;
  • the scripts are maintainable and flexible;
  • if it is necessary to change certain data that are used by several testing programs, one has to edit only one data storing source.

So, the prevalent practice is to store data values in separate sources when applying automated testing. It increases efficiency of any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.