Why is it Necessary to Check How Mobile Software Handles Different Kinds of Network Transitions?

It is of common knowledge that mobile software products must be able to work when the device is moving. The majority of mobile programs need connection to the Internet for operation. That is why network connection should always be supported.

A number of various technologies and network types can be used for supporting the Internet connection on a mobile device. But anyway the user may go out of the reach of a WiFi hot spot or cellular tower and the device will have to search for another provider. One can also walk into a dead spot where it is impossible to connect to a network.


Performing web site testing on a tablet or a smartphone or mobile application testing it is necessary to check how the software under test handles various kinds of network transitions. A software testing company advices to check all possible kinds of network transition in course of a mobile testing.

It is Wise to Check How the Tested Software Manages:

  • going in and out of a dead spot;
  • losing signals of one network provider and connection to another one;
  • transiting from using one network type to another.

An experienced software testing company says that in course of mobile application testing many defects surface during different kinds of network transitions.