Why is Focused Specialization in Software Testing of Great Importance?

Modern world of IT demands highly qualified professionals with direct specialization. Broad qualification is considered to be a drawback rather than an advantage nowadays. Employers prefer to hire professionals of specific fields.

It’s very important to determine person’s specialization. Take a look at the major software testing occupations. One can build a career in a software testing company focusing on one of them.


Major Testing Activities Are:

  • Manual testing. Performing manual testing, a tester acts as an end user and activates all the functions and features of the tested programme and checks if they work properly. Testers often follow already laid out test plan when performing tasks of this type.
  • Load testing. The main aim of this testing type is to determine how the system performs under particular workloads. It can also serve to measure such characteristics of the tested software as reliability, responsiveness, load capacity, etc.
  • Automated testing. This testing type assumes examination of software products with the help of written scripts that automate tests. Automated testing is time-efficient and cost-effective if applied appropriately.

One should remember that software testing, as well as software development, provides a vast area of opportunities. As a tester, one can try his hand at mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing. One should have at least basic knowledge in all the main testing types but deeply specialize in one.