Why Get a Certificate in Software Testing?

Nowadays few if any educational establishments teach how to carry out website testing, desktop testing and mobile testing.

As a rule, a software testing company gives its junior testers all the necessary knowledge. That is why one usually doesn’t need to show any diploma or another document that proves his or her skills in software testing.

A novice tester may just have an interview with the employer, and an experienced tester, besides the interview, shows a portfolio, samples of test cases and test plans.

But some customers want proof of the testers’ skills and knowledge. Such proof can be a certificate in software testing. Popular modern certifications in software testing are ISTQB, HP QTP Certification, CSTE.

To get such a certification a test engineer needs to prepare and pay a certain sum of money. Some testers don’t want to apply for the certification because it involves spending time and money. But having a reputable certificate of a tester gives important benefits.

Benefits From Having a Known Certificate of a Test Engineer:

  • increasing and updating knowledge in functional testing, usability testing, security testing, and so on;
  • help in career development;
  • advantages in the eyes of the customers over those testers, who are not certified.