Why Doesn't Automated Testing Assure Immediate Reduction of Time and Efforts Needed for a Project?

Despite of broad utility of automated testing many people have a wrong notion about it.

One of the misperceptions is that automation diminishes the quantity of works and time needed to perform web site testing desktop testing or mobile application testing at once.

Usually test harnesses are applied in order to diminish the scope of works. From experience of a software testing company it is known that automation mostly does not result in immediate reducing of test efforts.

As a matter of fact automated test tools use often requires a lot of time and efforts at the beginning.

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Implementing Test Harnesses does not Provide Immediate Diminishing of Efforts and Time Needed for a Project Because:

  • it takes some time and efforts to elaborate the needed instruments from the scratch, to test them to fix them, to make them maintainable and of repeatable use;
  • it takes time and efforts to adjust off-the-shelf programs to the project in case a software testing company decides to buy necessary tools;
  • it is wise to conduct some training for the testers and explain them how to use and maintain the tools.

Inexperienced managers may overestimate or have false impression about automated testing programs. In this case implementation of test harness will result in enlarging the scope of works and expenditures.