Why Does Mobile Application Testing Spin Up So Rapidly?

Have you ever thought that mobile industry would become so popular? Never!

According to the recent research more than $10 billion were spent on downloading mobile applications in 2011, $21 billion in 2012 and according to forecast users will spend more than $30 billion in 2013. Rather impressive, isn’t it?

And all this is just for downloading paid mobile applications! And their number on the market is approximately 20 percent. The rest of mobile applications are free.

It is not surprising that mobile application testing spins up because of such boom in the industry. It is one of the most popular kinds of software testing performed by software testing company. What kinds of mobile applications do you know? Let’s try to find them out.

Types of mobile applications:

  • Web applications;
  • Platform applications;
  • SMS;
  • Mobile websites.

What is the difference between? Should different kinds of mobile application testing be performed for them?

Web applications

Web applications are considered to be the most acceptable as mobile web browser is an application that sends content to the mobile device. It means that such application is independent of any device, platform or operating system.

Platform applications

The development of such applications is rather simple but their supporting and testing are very costly.


It is the most simply type of application. User usually send a query in form of short code to receive immediately the desired information just like train schedule, ticket’s price, etc. They are testbased and have limitations of the message content.

Mobile websites

Mobile websites are considered to be the source of simple and accurate information just like weather, news, sports, etc. Their great disadvantage is that the limited resolution screens information is hardly readable.

Different kinds of mobile application testing should be performed for them as they are very different. But there is nothing impossible for software testing company.