Why do Mobile Devices Get Overheated?

Mobile devices and mobile software products are utilized anywhere, under various conditions. Different temperatures of the surrounding and of the device influence work of mobile software products.

That is why a software testing company  recommends performing mobile application testing under various temperatures.

Mobile devices often get very warm. There are many reasons for that.


Frequent Reasons of a Mobile Device Heating:

  • When the device is using cellular network. Using of a cellular network heats up a device much more than using WiFi.
  • When the device is utilized under direct sunlight.
  • When the device battery is charging.
  • When the device increases screen brightness. Supporting high screen brightness is very resource consuming.
  • When the device works hard performing many tasks. Heating of a device may happen during load testing.

Heating is a side effect of power usage. When a mobile device becomes hot it turns off some functions and services, especially those that are not currently utilized, in order to reduce using energy. It may have unrehearsed effect on the tested software product.

So, is wise to check the application behavior under mentioned conditions executing mobile testing. Personal computers may also overheat. That is why web site testing or desktop testing may also be held when a device is warm.