Why Do We Need Automated Testing?

Automation is one of the best way to check how good the current software, compared with its previous versions. That is to say, automation is the detection of regressions and rolling various inputs. Until such time as it becomes possible to write automated scripts for your application, a lot of bugs that could be detected during writing scripts, have already been successfully found and removed.

A lot of errors, related to automation, are detected during direct writing the automated scripts. During actual implementation of automation just a few new software errors can be detected, although the bugs can be found when you perform automation in different configurations or through the data sets.

Nevertheless, automation is associated with the management, because it can save time, reduce number of machines, resources and software testers, which are used by software testing company in order to achieve high-quality product. For many automation projects it is difficult to determine what was expected of them, as those performing automation do not realize that automation is just another tool that can be used for software testing.

Automated testing is used in almost every project to a greater or lesser degree. It doesn’t give any guarantees and does not protect the product from a poor performance, while software testing affects the quality improvement of products. A poorly implemented automation will end up costing more time and efforts than none at all. Nevertheless, the benefits are considerable if realized. It is necessary to understand that automation is only there to estimate regressions and be the "monkey tester" that doesn't mean running the same test every day in the same manner. Never mind this task, software testers can perform simple steps and use their creative and intelligent abilities to find new bugs.

Only 5-20% of all software errors are detected during automated regression testing. Given the fact, that the automation of test cases can be 10 times more expensive than its manual execution, without taking into account support and maintenance of test code, the test cases for automation should be chosen very carefully.