Why are There Many Unreproducible Errors on Mobile Applications?

It is known than in course of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing software bugs sometimes are found that cannot be repeated or can be reproduced once in numerous tries.

Often when such error is found it is marked as unrepeatable and is left without any examination and fixing. Then it surfaces in production and costs a lot more to fix it and to restore the product reputation.

A professional software testing company notices that in course of mobile application testing much more intermittent defects happen than during desktop testing or web site testing.


This characteristic of mobile software products stems from design and peculiarities of usage of smartphones and tablets.

There are More Intermittent Defects on Mobile Programs than on desktop ones Because Mobile Devices:

  • are utilized in different surroundings, namely in various lightning, temperature conditions and weather;
  • use different network technologies and providers in order to support connection while moving;
  • are very sensitive to any changes in surrounding and various moves due to built-in sensors;
  • use many different supplementary programs, operational systems, location services and so on;
  • try always be connected to a network and provide the user with the latest, updated information.