Why Are Many Testing Programs Needed For a Mobile Testing, Desktop Testing or Web Site Testing?

The majority of present-day applications are large complex sophisticated systems. Their development and testing require much time, efforts and resources. To facilitate  web site testing desktop testing or mobile testing automated testing programs are utilized.

Despite of high use of automated testing some people still have false impression about it. One of the myths about automation is that a testing process needs only one test tool.

Usually a software testing company has to buy or/and elaborate many different test harnesses.

Diverse Tools Are Needed For One Testing Process Because Of The Next Reasons:

Different operation environments

An application is usually supposed to work in various operating systems, interact with various programs. Currently there is no test tool on the market that is compatible with any environment. Modern test harnesses can work only with certain operation systems.

Diverse programming languages

Nowadays various programming languages are used by developers. Various languages are suitable for various development purposes and software types.

Components of a complex large system may be written in different languages. One testing program is usually applicable only for software written in certain language.

Third-party elements

Often a complex system comprises third-party elements. Test tools that are suitable for the project may not work with the third-party elements. Testing of the third-party add-ons may require other tools.

So, to automate any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing many diverse testing programs are needed.