Whose Software Testing Services is it Better to Employ?

Nowadays software developers have a wide choice of companies and people rendering software testing services. Some of them may reside in their state or city; some have offices far away and suggest outsourcing software testing.

One can also hire freelance testers for some works that do not require a high level of skills and complex equipment. But specialists in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing strongly recommend utilize services of a reputable organization rather than freelance testers.

software testing company

Advantages of a Reputable Software Testing Company Over Freelance Testers Are:

  • many qualified testers specializing in different testing types;
  • a huge park of various devices;
  • guarantee quality of services;
  • flexible system of payment and working schedule.

Freelance testers may be people, who decided to become professional testers, have some basic theoretical knowledge and want to get some experience before looking for a job in a  software testing company. They may be those, who have been refused or fired by a company, or prefer freelance work because of personal reasons.

A freelance tester may perform usability, localization or functional testing of a program. Such a person can gather his or her friends with various devices and execute some simple tests. Team of this kind may be suitable for beta-testing and provide good feedback about the program from the end-users’ point of view.