Some More Facts About White Box Testing

Software testing as an IT sphere area provides the test services, the optimization and improvement of the quality of systems and different kinds of applications. The specialists use various types of testing for these purposes realization.

Each type of checking has its own order and execution peculiarities. Besides this, the specifics of the product itself affects the appropriate testing principles selection.


White box testing is rather interesting. During this type of checking, the internal ways, elements, and system levels are analyzed. It needs to possess a sufficient coding knowledge level for the white box testing performance. But black box testing does not require special technical skills.

Frequently, the white box method and unit testing are identified as both these types of checking deal with the internal system organization. But white box testing is not only the code checking but also various operations in the modules, subsystems, and systems too.

What Are the Steps of White Box Testing?

  • The analysis of the system realization peculiarities. One should get well acquainted with the working principles of the system under test and its functioning peculiarities.
  • Identification of the system behavior. It is necessary to define all main operations which require testing.
  • Definition of the input parameters and the expected result for testing the selected system behavior lines. The organization of the critical path in the scheme takes place.
  • Test cases conduction.
  • The comparison of the expected and actual result.

Software testing company controls and promotes the improvement of the professional level and competence of its employees. One should continuously work on self-development for larger results achievement and for career growth.