When are Desktop and Mobile Testing of the Same Application Performed?

Many modern applications have versions for mobile devices and for personal computers.

Though creation of two versions and performing both mobile testing and desktop testing requires more time and resources than creation of one version and executing only one web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing, many managers find that such solution is wise.

In this case users can work with the software product on any mobile or desktop device.


If a software product can be used both on a smartphone and on a personal computer, a software testing company thinks that it is a good idea to check if it is convenient to use it on both devices.

An Application Can Be Used on Several Devices:

  • Simultaneously. For instance, a user can utilize a software product on a smartphone and read from laptop information about the producer of the application or instructions how to use it.
  • In turns. A user may chose an item of goods on a mobile device and then perform purchase from a personal computer, as it is necessary to type much and it is easier to do it utilizing a personal computer.

It is important to check the both situations performing mobile testing and desktop testing of the tested product versions.