What Workflows Should Be in Mobile Software?

It is important for software products to be efficient, convenient and pleasant. Usability comprises many aspects. They should be considered during usability testing of various applications.

Usability is of prime importance for mobile software products nowadays. One of significant components of software usability is well elaborated workflows.

That is why a software testing company usually wants its testers to find out in course of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing if workflows of the tested software are well planned and convenient.


Workflows of a Mobile Application Should:

  • Have minimum number of necessary steps to perform the operation or task.
  • Follow patterns of user behavior; be unsophisticated and easy for understanding.
  • Provide fast executing of tasks and operations.
  • Sustain high performance of the software.
  • Have not too many screens. Too many screens may confuse a user or cause performance problems.
  • Have enough screens with thought-out layout of objects and allocation of functions. If numerous objects and functions are piled up on several screens it may be hard to figure out how to work with the application.

If it was found during mobile application testing that workflows are not well thought out such defects must not be ignored. Otherwise the mobile software will not be popular among users.