What Types of Automated Testing Programs Are Available Today?

In spite of expensiveness automated testing is widely used nowadays. There is a variety of different test harnesses.

They are meant to increase the efficiency of any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. Automated testing may be very helpful if the testing tools are chosen or elaborated correctly.

So, before elaborating or acquiring test programs a software testing company should undertake a careful study of the testing process and the available test programs. All the details, such as testing process peculiarities, budget and time constrains, must be considered.

It is quite a difficult task to choose the most appropriate test programs from the existing variety.

Nowadays Such Types Of Test Harnesses Are Available At The Market:

  • Functional Testing Programs;
  • Code Test Coverage Analyzers;
  • Memory-Leak Detection Programs;
  • Test-Procedure Generators;
  • Metrics-Reporting Programs;
  • Graphical User Interface Testing Programs;
  • Test-Procedure Documentation Programs;
  • Test-Data Generators;
  • Stress Testing Programs;
  • Load Testing Programs;
  • Performance Testing Programs;
  • Architecture-Specific Testing Programs;
  • Usability-Measurement Programs.

Despite of the reach market supply it may happen that no one from off-the-shelf tools is suitable. In this case the needed test program must be elaborated. But a software testing company should consider that test program elaboration is rather expensive and takes some time.

So, accurate application of automated testing can raise effectiveness of any testing process.