What Troubles Can Be Caused by Notifications?

Notifications are created in order to inform a user about some events. They may be generated by software products that operate in the background or are not used at present.

So, notifications often appear unexpectedly. They interfere with work of functioning applications. A software testing company warns that such interruption may cause certain problems.

A Software Product May Not Handle Interruption And:

  • not be able to proceed its work after interruption;
  • freeze up;
  • crash.


Such things happen when some applications are not compatible. That is why compatibility testing should be executed in course of any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

Most of software products depend on good networking connection. If the connection is slow or insecure, or the connection was lost and then the device reconnected to the network, what often happens in case of wireless connection, problems with receiving notifications often occurs.

If There Are Problems with Networking Connection the Next Issues May Happen:

  • notifications may be lost;
  • notifications may arrive too late;
  • notifications may arrive all at once and confuse or annoy the user.

If security issues were not paid enough attention, private data may be lost or stolen due to improperly handled notifications. That is why security testing must not be neglected during any software testing.