What Test Cases are Suitable for Build Acceptance Testing?

Web site testing, desktop testing, and mobile application testing prove that thorough verification of software modules is important for project efficiency. It allows us to discover and correct any defects before delivering the program module to a software testing company.

Build acceptance testing is used for such a purpose. It is necessary to select test cases for it carefully.

Test Cases for Build Acceptance Testing Must:

  • verify important functions and features of the module;
  • have clear expected results; it is an essential condition as test cases that verify the application functions, which are not fully implemented in the tested module, may not have clear expected results.

These tests are usually run by the development team, not by specialists in manual or automated testing. By means of the tests, the programmers make sure that the module is ready for thorough testing and after correcting the detected errors – for further development.

Build acceptance tests check whether the main functions of the module operate, all the data are in the appropriate formats, the new and improved files are correctly added to the build.

It is wise to consult all the project parties preparing test cases to build acceptance testing. Before automating them one should make sure that they are suitable and provide sufficient test coverage.