What Strategy May be Useful When There is Little Time on Testing Activities?

The majority of software testing experts claim that despite of very tight time limitations one should spend some time on strategy development for web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

Planning is often omitted during mobile application testing, as mobile projects usually allocate very little time on testing activities. Such approach is wrong. It is better to study the project peculiarities, and concentrate the efforts on proper issues basing on them than to spend the precious time on low value objects and to overlook serious problems.


When time constraints are very tight, and complex mobile software product must be tested, it may be useful to apply ancient military strategy called “divide and conquer”. According to this strategy one should use many different approaches and techniques in order to overwhelm the enemy.

In Terms of Software Testing it Means:

  • creating of various models of test coverage for manual and automated testing;
  • utilizing of different test tours;
  • using of different testing methods and approaches.

The mentioned activities help to examine quickly different aspects of the application under test and to discover significant problems. The strategy allows to repeat randomly reproducible errors in mobile software products and to determine their causes.  A software testing company finds “divide and conquer” strategy useful in many situations.