What Software Bugs are Usually Found in Course of Mobile Testing When the Battery is Low?

Executing any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing it is wise to check how the software product functions when the battery is low.

It is particularly topical for mobile applications as they mostly operate on battery. When the battery becomes low, power saving mode turns on in a device. In this mode a device turns off or turns down some functions.


Most of software products also switch power saving mode when the battery is low. A software testing company says that power saving mode of the device and of operating software products can have unexpected impact on the tested application. So, during mobile testing when the battery is low, some unexpected software bugs can be found.

Frequent Software Bugs in a Mobile Software When the Battery is Low Are:

  1. The software product may crash or hang if it relies on functions that are turned off in power saving mode.
  2. The application may operate slowly because of lack of resources. That is why it may be a good idea to perform load testing when the battery is low.
  3. In order to save energy certain functions may be turned off by some software products and turned on by the other ones. As a result the device may use all its resources on turning on and off the function all the time. In this case it will be impossible to work with the device.