What Should be Considered While Selecting Test Tools?

It is known that a lot of work is executed manually in mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing. Automation is applicable only to some tests.

Nevertheless, certain instruments are always utilized in course of software testing, they considerably increase efficiency of testing efforts.

Among Frequently Utilized Test Tools Are:

  • an error tracking system;
  • a test management instrument;
  • a test data management instrument.

There are also many instruments for test automation for load testing, security testing, regression testing and so on.


It is important to select the appropriate tools for every project. There are lots of available instruments at the market, that is why testers should take into account many aspects in order to pick up the most suitable ones.

While Choosing Instruments for a Project, it is Necessary to Consider:

  • peculiarities of the tested system;
  • the software requirements;
  • the tests deliverables;
  • the project schedule;
  • the utilized tools;
  • the staff, their skills and experience.

It is a bad idea to buy a tool without study the project specificity, the instrument functions, its free analogs, as an inappropriate tool may be never utilized, or its usage may not give the expected benefits. Buying wrong tools diminishes profitability of the project.