What Should a Tester do if he or she Found a Defect in an Area Where it is not Supposed to Be?

Any tester should have critical mindset. It is infeasible to perform web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing without it. A good tester does not believe any assurances, he or she is looking for evidences to confirm or to reject statements.

But one must not overplay with critical look on everything. A software testing company wants its testers to remember that all the project parties have the same goal – to deliver in time and with least expenditures software product of high quality.


Good relationships between stakeholders and team members are of utmost important for achieving best results. Doubts in statements are helpful in testing process but they may be destructive for human relationships and complicate communication.

So, having found a serious error in a function or a feature where the developers claim everything works correctly the tester should not attract extra attention to his or her attentiveness during mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. He or she must consider that the developers and other stakeholders may not be happy because of the finding at first.

In Such Situation Tester Should:

  • make sure that the error really exists;
  • write clear and detailed steps to reproduce the error;
  • report about the error in a common way;
  • be ready that there may be negative response from the developers or other stakeholders at first; if the tester is right about the error the other project parties will be grateful for finding it on the whole.