What Should a Software Testing Strategy be Like?

It is important for a software testing company  to make necessary preparations before elaborating testing strategy, what means to find out as much as possible about tested software prerequisites, and evaluate risks.

Software must be developed and tested according to the schedule. So, such things as late approvals, late acquisition of test tools, applications and gadgets and other causes of delay must be avoided.

The best way to avoid delays, budget overruns, critical software errors, down times and other slip-ups is to develop an efficient testing strategy.

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Testing strategy must take into account many factors and determine what and when should be done by a software testing company. The aim of a testing strategy is to minimize risks taking into account deadlines, budget, resources limits and so on.

While elaborating software testing strategy it is necessary to realize project risks. The risks must be considered, managed and eliminated if possible. They must be kept in mind while setting priorities for the requirements.

To conduct mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing efficient, a testing strategy should include most important considerations.

A Tasting Strategy Should Include:

  • Testing schedule elaboration;
  • Testing stages determination;
  • Release criteria determination;
  • Study of software architecture;
  • Selection of stuff with necessary skills;
  • Choise of test-design techniques;
  • Choise of testing tools;
  • Test coverage designation;
  • Decision what kind of testing to perform (GUI testing or/and back-end testing).