What Problems May be Caused by Mobile Accessories?

Speakers, mouse, keyboard, stylus, microphone and other accessories are often utilized during work with mobile devices.

Accessories are meant to make interaction with a mobile device more efficient and pleasant. Some software products are designed to be used only with certain accessories. So, it is wise to utilize accessories performing mobile testing.

Accessories enhance user experience but they also create additional load on a mobile device. Mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are complex and sophisticated machines. Plugging accessories make them more complex and resource consuming. A software testing company informs that there are some malfunctions that may be caused by utilizing accessories.


Common Malfunctions That May Be Caused by Mobile Accessories:

  • Inputs or outputs may not function or function improperly.
  • Video or audio information may be recorded or reproduced with corruptions.
  • Information input through an accessory may be received by a software product with delays.
  • The device may perform poorly because of accessories. So, one shouldn’t forget about them executing performance testing and load testing.
  • Utilizing of accessories may run the battery down very fast.

Besides accessories may be non-operational or do not match a device. Executing mobile application testing it is recommended to check the software and the device behavior under various situations, like unplugging and plugging in an accessory, jerking out cables, bad networking connection.

Usually there are no such problems during work on a personal computer, so there is no need to check the mentioned situations executing web site testing or desktop testing.