What Problems Can Be Cause by User Emotions?

All the software products are created in order to make our life better and more comfortable. One should keep this in mind executing any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

People are emotional beings. Emotions influence our thinking and behavior. A software testing company claims that emotions have impact on interaction with a software products either.

When people feel a strong emotion, like fear, joy, anger, they become excited and this have impact on their work with applications.


Usual Problems with Mobile Software in Such Situation Are:

  • People may do unnecessary moves when they are anxious. This way wrong data or commands may be given to the mobile application.
  • The user may hold the mobile device under unsuitable angle. This may cause misinterpreting of inputs, activation of wrong functions or loss of some changes or data.
  • The user may press too hard on the buttons and the taps may be interpreted in the wrong way.
  • When people worry they sweat. Fingers may slide because of sweat. This complicates interaction with the mobile software product.

Under such conditions requirements to the application performance and usability increases greatly. So, one cannot overestimate importance of thorough load testing, performance testing and usability testing for a software.