What Must One Learn About Mobile Software Before Testing?

Each software tester knows that it is necessary to research the application under test before starting web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

In course of the research one must find out what functions of the device the software product uses. This point is significant for mobile application testing. Mobile devices have many various services that are uncharacteristic to personal computers. Any mobile system utilizes at least several of them.

Common Features of a Modern Mobile Device Are:

  • touch sensors allowing to interact with software through touch screen;
  • motion sensors providing support of gesture inputs;
  • light sensors adjusting the screen for the environment lighting;
  • location services that are often used by mapping and other software products.


Besides, one should determine what mobile technologies are utilized for creation of the system under test before performing manual or automated testing.

A Mobile Application Can:

  • be elaborated for certain mobile operation system;
  • be a web software product and include HTML5 and other elements of web software;
  • contain elements written in JavaScript, web plugins and use API.

Nowadays a lot of programs interact, share and exchange data with other programs. That is why a software testing company usually wants its testers to determine what and how external software products interact with the system under test. It is wise to do this preparing for web site testing or desktop testing as well.