What Must be Determined Before Proceeding to Tests Automation?

Automated testing can be a good solution and considerably diminish efforts and time to market of a software product. It is widely used in course of web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing.

But in some situations, when the project manager doesn’t know specificity of automation and doesn’t determine whether it is economically reasonable for the project, automated testing may cause extra expenses and efforts.

Before Proceeding to Tests Automation it is Reasonable to Make Sure That:

  • Parts of the program that are planned to be tested automatically are stable. Automated testing is inapplicable to a frequently altered system.
  • Tests that are to be executed only once are not included in automation, it is irrational to automate them.
  • Tests that are unsuitable for automation will not be automated. Among them are usability testing, compatibility testing, verification of the project documents and other works that require thinking and are not a set of repetitive actions.
  • The automation is profitable for this project.

Some tests are always automated. These are regression tests and different kinds of  load testing.

One should keep in mind that it is impossible to automate all the testing efforts and completely substitute manual testing by automated tests.