What May an Informal Test Plan for a Mobile Application Be?

In order to increase efficiency of any process it should be put in order and structured. The same is applicable to mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Software testing cannot be standardized, as each project is unique. But study of the tested program, the project, and thinking over what and how to test help to prioritize the testing activities, to concentrate on the most important aspects and to avoid spending time on needless works or low value areas.

A professional software testing company considers that planning of manual and automated testing is extremely important for mobile software products. Mobile applications get information from various sources; they can interact with users in various ways. There is endless number of possible paths and test scenarios, but time is usually very limited on mobile projects.


That is why a tester should think what and in what order he or she will test in the software product. The planning doesn't have to be formal.

A Testing Plan for a Mobile Project May be the Next:

  • installation testing of the software;
  • checking of the common workflows and user scenarios;
  • applying suitable testing tours;
  • uninstallation testing of the mobile program.

Of course, testers should consider special things about the application under test. For example, there is no need to check networking issues if the program doesn’t require network connection for functioning. Or it is unnecessary to execute uninstallation testing of a pre-loaded program.